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Vaportite Helps Contain Diesel Spill at Cypress Creek

"A 125 gallon spill of diesel fuel was running into the storm drain system leading to a major creek. Thanks to VAPORTITE none of the fuel reached the creek!"  - Chief Fred Windisch - Ponderosa Fire Department - Houston, Texas.

In Harris County north of Houston Texas, the FM1960 Area Emergency Communication Center dispatched a call to respond to a diesel spill. There was a full first alarm assignment of firefighters along with notification of the county office of emergency management, the truck owner’s response team, the Texas Water Commission, a professional hydrogeoligist and an environmental cleanup company.

The Ponderosa Fire Department and an inexpensive tool called Vaportite™ prevented a sizable fuel spill from polluting a major water stream and saved the trucking company considerable expense. When the Ponderosa Fire Department arrived on the scene they discovered and confirmed a trail of diesel fuel. The trail expanded into a complete covering of the four lane roadway. The fuel was pooling in several locations and running into a storm sewer opening that had a direct line into Cypress Creek, a major waterway in the area.

“My first action was to dispatch two other companies, another engine, and our heavy rescue/command/hazmat truck as I knew manpower would be a primary consideration. We typically call for manpower very early in order to reduce response lag time. As soon as Rescue 1 arrived we immediately applied a Vaportite over the storm sewer opening and filled it with the contents of a pressurized water extinguisher. This prevented more diesel fuel from entering the storm sewer,” said Fred Windisch the Chief of the Ponderosa Fire Department. “Throughout the entire clean-up operation, Vaportite was halting the flow of diesel fuel into the storm sewer and protecting the creek. During the post event critique, we determined that keeping a healthy stock of absorbents and spill containment supplies proved to be an asset. We have now installed splash suites, rubber gloves, and a stock of Vaportite in all of our apparatus, ” added Windisch.